Italian Word: volpe f.
Plural: volpi
English Meaning: fox
German Meaning: Fuchs
Spanish Meaning: el zorro
French Meaning: renard

Example Sentences:

Nel Regno Unito la caccia alla volpe è stata vietata nel 2004.
In the UK, fox hunting was banned in 2004.
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La volpe rimase imprigionata nella trappola.
The fox was caught in the snare.
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Le volpi si nutrono di una grande varietà di cibi: frutta, topi, uccelli, insetti e scoiattoli.
Foxes eat a wide variety of foods: fruits, mice, birds, insects and squirrels.
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Nelle favole, la volpe è un animale furbo.
In fairy tales, the fox is a cunning animal.
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