Italian Word: guerra f.
Plural: guerre
English Meaning: war, conflict
German Meaning: Krieg
Spanish Meaning: guerra
French Meaning: guerre

Example Sentences:

Quei due paesi sono in guerra da anni.
Those two countries have been at war for years.
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La guerra è indubbiamente uno degli eventi più atroci dell'esistenza umana.
War is undoubtedly one of the most heinous events of human existence.
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La guerra in Vietnam ebbe luogo tra il 1964 e il 1975.
The war in Vietnam took place between 1964 and 1975.
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Il paese è ora in guerra.
The country is now at war.
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La guerra è finita.
The war is over.
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Ha ucciso parecchie persone in guerra.
He killed a lot of people in the war.
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La guerra in Iraq è costata molte vite umane.
The war in Iraq cost many people's lives.
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