Italian Word: spiaggia f.
Plural: spiagge
English Meaning: beach
German Meaning: Strand
Spanish Meaning: la playa
French Meaning: plage

Example Sentences:

Facciamo una passeggiata lungo la spiaggia e guardiamo il tramonto!
Let's have a walk along the beach and watch the sunset!
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Ho trovato una stella marina sulla spiaggia.
I found a starfish on the beach.
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Barcellona ha 7 bellissime spiagge.
Barcelona has 7 beautiful beaches.
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Il giorno in cui siamo andati in spiaggia pioveva.
It rained on the day we went to the beach.
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Ci sono molte spiagge bellissime nelle Filippine.
There are many beautiful beaches in the Philippines.
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Puoi cavalcare a dorso d'asino sulla spiaggia.
You can ride a donkey on the beach.
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