Italian Word: appena
English Meaning: 1. hardly 2. just 3. as soon as
German Meaning: kaum

Example Sentences:

La conosco appena, ma sembra molto gentile.
I hardly know her, but she seems very nice.
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Appena siamo arrivati al campeggio, abbiamo piantato la nostra tenda.
As soon as we got to the camp site, we pitched our tent.
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Mia figlia ha appena compiuto diciannove anni.
My daughter has just turned nineteen.
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Hai capito quello che ho appena detto?
Do you understand what I just said?
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Il prezzo di questo appartamento è appena stato abbassato.
The price of this flat has just been reduced.
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Mio cugino si è appena trasferito a Seattle.
My cousin just moved to Seattle.
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