Italian Word: oggi
English Meaning: today
German Meaning: heute

Example Sentences:

Oggi arriva in Italia un mio lontano parente dall'America.
A distant relative of mine is arriving today in Italy from America.
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C'è troppo traffico oggi in città.
There is too much traffic in town today.
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La temperatura oggi è di un grado.
The temperature today is one degree.
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Non fare oggi quello che puoi fare domani.
Don't do today what you can do tomorrow.
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Non mi sento molto bene oggi, ho mal di schiena.
I don't feel very well today, I've got back pain.
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Oggi ho avuto una giornata terribile.
I had an awful day today.
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Oggi sto male, ho il naso chiuso, mi fa male la testa: credo di essermi preso un raffreddore.
I'm feeling sick today, my nose is all stuffy, my head is aching: I think I've caught a cold.
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