Italian Word: cosa f.
Plural: cose
English Meaning: 1. thing 2. what
German Meaning: 1. Sache 2. was

Word Forms: cos, cos'

Example Sentences:

Cos'è quello?
What is that?
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Non mi piace ripetere la stessa cosa due volte.
I don't like to repeat the same thing twice.
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Nessuna sa cosa gli sia successo.
Nobody knows what happened to him.
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Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere cosa ti passa per la testa certe volte!
I'd really like to know what's on your mind sometimes!
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Cosa fa quel gruppo di persone?
What is that group of people doing?
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Cosa indossi sotto quel maglione?
What are you wearing under that sweater?
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Cos'altro dovremmo fare a Roma?
What else should we do in Rome?
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