Italian Word: casa f.
Plural: case
English Meaning: house, home
German Meaning: Haus

Example Sentences:

Come al solito, mangerò a casa.
As usual, I'll eat at home.
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Non esco di casa perché piove.
I won't leave the house because it's raining.
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Dal balcone di casa mia spesso vedo uno scoiattolo far provviste di noci.
I often see a squirrel making nuts supplies from the balcony of my house.
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L'ingresso è sul lato est della casa.
The entrance is on the east side of the house.
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Vicino a casa mia c'è un circolo di scacchi.
Next to my house there is a chess club.
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Il telecomando sparisce sempre in questa casa.
The remote control is always disappearing in this house.
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La forza del vento ha fatto cadere l'albero sulla casa del mio vicino.
The force of the wind caused the tree to fall on my neighbour's house.
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