English Sentence:

Many animal species are under threat of extinction.

Italian Translation:

Molte specie animali sono a rischio di estinzione.

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Words used:

molto   (Pl: molti, Fem: molta, Pl Fem: molte)

1. much 2. very 3. many 4. long (duration)

Here: many

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specie f.   (Pl: speci)

1. kind, species, sort 2. wonder, amazement (sing.)

Here: kind, species, sort

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animale m.   (Pl: animali)


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1. to be 2. to exist

Here: to be

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1. to, at, in 2. per 3. for 4. with 5. by

Here: to, at, in

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rischio m.   (Pl: rischi)

risk, danger

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of, from, about, than, to, with, by

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estinzione f.   (Pl: estinzioni)


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