English Sentence:

According to some doctors, cholera is not a contagious disease.

Italian Translation:

Secondo alcuni medici, il colera non è una malattia contagiosa.

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Words used:

secondo   (Pl: secondi, Fem: seconda, Pl Fem: seconde)

1. second, 2nd (order) 2. second (time) 3. according to

Here: according to

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alcuno   (Pl: alcuni, Fem: alcuna, Pl Fem: alcune)

1. none 2. some, a few 3. any

Here: some, a few

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medico m.   (Pl: medici)

1. doctor, physician 2. medical (adj)

Here: doctor, physician

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the (masculine singular)

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1. is 2. (you) are (formal)

Here: is

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1. a, an (feminine singular) 2. one

Here: a, an (feminine singular)

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malattia f.   (Pl: malattie)

illness, disease

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infectious, contagious

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