Greek Word: ρωτάω
Romanization: rotáo
English Meaning: to ask

Word Forms: ρώτησα (rótisa), ρώτησε (rótise), ρωτήσω (rotíso)

Example Sentences:

Μπορώ να σε ρωτήσω κάτι;
bοró na se rotíso káti;
Can I ask you something?
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Ο γιατρός την ρώτησε για την υγεία της.
ο giatrós tin rótise gia tin ygeía tis.
The physician inquired about her health.
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Τον ρώτησα τρεις φορές, αλλά δεν απάντησε.
tοn rótisa treis fοrés, allá den apántise.
I have asked him three times, but he didn't answer.
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Την ρώτησα.
tin rótisa.
I asked her.
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