Greek Word: καλά
Romanization: kalá
English Meaning: well (adverb)

Example Sentences:

Αυτό το σχέδιο δεν είχε καταστρωθεί καλά.
aftó to shédiο den eíhe katastrotheí kalá.
That wasn't a well-thought-out plan.
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Δεν αισθάνομαι καλά.
den esthánοme kalá.
I don't feel well.
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Μην ανησυχείς, όλα θα πάνε καλά.
min anisyheís, óla tha páne kalá.
Don't worry, it will work out fine.
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Είμαι καλά, εσύ;
eíme kalá, esý;
I'm fine, and you?
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Αυτός δεν μπορεί να διαχειριστεί πολύ καλά την κριτική.
aftós den bοreí na diaheiristeí polý kalá tin kritikí.
He can't cope with criticism very well.
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