German Word: das Erdbeben
Plural: Erdbeben
English Meaning: earthquake
Spanish Meaning: terremoto
Italian Meaning: terremoto

Example Sentences:

Das größte je registrierte Erdbeben war in Chile.
The largest earthquake ever recorded was in Chile.
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Während des Erdbebens in Haiti brachen viele Verbrecher aus dem Gefängnis aus.
During the earthquake in Haiti a lot of criminals escaped from prison.
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Erdbeben kommen in Japan oft vor.
Earthquakes happen often in Japan.
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Bei dem Erdbeben 2010 in Haiti kamen geschätzte 200.000 Menschen ums Leben.
The 2010 earthquake in Haiti killed an estimated 200,000 people.
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Erdbeben stärker als Magnitude 8,5 sind selten.
Earthquakes greater than magnitude 8.5 are rare.
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In Japan sind Erdbeben eine ständige Bedrohung.
In Japan, earthquakes are a constant threat.
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Related Words:

die Erde   (Pl: Erden)

1. earth (planet) 2. soil

Here: earth, soil

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to shake, to tremble, to quake

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