German Word: offen
English Meaning: 1. open (not closed) 2. frank

Word Forms: offene, offenem, offenen, offener, offenere, offenerem, offeneren, offenerer, offeneres, offenes, offenste, offenstem, offensten, offenster, offenstes, offner, offnere, offnerem, offneren, offnerer, offneres

Example Sentences:

Komm 'rein, die Tür ist offen!
Come inside, the door is open!
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Die Tür ist offen.
The door is open.
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Das Tor ist offen.
The gate is open.
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Dein Hosenstall ist offen!
Your fly is open!
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Ist das Fenster offen?
Is the window open?
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Entschuldigung! Ihre Schnürsenkel sind offen.
Excuse me! Your shoelaces are untied.
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Die Geschäfte sind ab 9 Uhr offen.
Shops are open from 9 o'clock.
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