German Word: machen
English Meaning: to do, to make

Word Forms: gemacht, gemachte, gemachtem, gemachten, gemachter, gemachtes, mach, mach', mache, machend, machende, machenden, machender, machendes, machest, machet, machst, macht, machte, machten, machtest, machtet

Example Sentences:

Rate mal, was ich dieses Wochenende gemacht habe?
Guess what I did this weekend?
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Es macht ihm sichtlich Spaß und er nimmt seinen Erfolg nicht zu ernst.
He is clearly enjoying himself and not taking his success too seriously.
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Das macht nichts.
It doesn't matter.
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Er macht was er will, egal was seine Eltern sagen.
He does what he wants regardless of what his parents say.
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Liebe macht blind.
Love is blind.
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Mach dir darüber keine Sorgen.
Don't worry about it.
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Ich habe nur Spaß gemacht.
I was just joking.
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