German Word: der Vater
Plural: Väter
English Meaning: father
Spanish Meaning: el padre
Italian Meaning: padre

Word Forms: Vätern

Example Sentences:

Mein Vater ist Lehrer.
My father is a teacher.
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Mein Vater unterrichtet an einer Abendschule.
My father teaches at a night school.
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Mein Vater war Bauer, er lebte in einem Dorf in der Nähe von Köln.
My father was a farmer, he lived in a village near Cologne.
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Der Vater, dessen Tochter den Wettbewerb gewonnen hat, ist sehr stolz.
The father, whose daughter won the competition, is very proud.
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Mein Bruder wird bald Vater, aber er weiß noch nicht wie er seine Tochter nennen wird.
My brother is going to be a father, but he doesn't know what he will call his daughter yet.
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Mein Vater ist Polizist.
My father is a policeman.
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Mein Vater war Juwelier.
My father was a jeweller.
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