German Word: sterben
English Meaning: to die, to perish
Spanish Meaning: morir
Italian Meaning: morire

Word Forms: gestorben, gestorbene, gestorbenen, gestorbener, starb, starben, starbst, starbt, sterb, sterbe, sterbend, sterbende, sterbenden, Sterbender, sterbest, sterbet, sterbt, stirb, stirbst, stirbt, stürbe, stürben, stürbest, stürbet, stürbst, stürbt

Example Sentences:

Ungefähr 30 Leute sind wegen der Hitzewelle gestorben.
About 30 people have died in the heatwave.
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Mein Großvater starb in einem russischen Arbeitslager.
My grandfather died in a Russian labour camp.
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Mein Onkel starb letztes Jahr an Krebs.
My uncle died of cancer last year.
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Der Häftling starb unter mysteriösen Umständen.
The prisoner died under mysterious circumstances.
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Ein Urlauber starb, nachdem er vom Hotelbalkon fiel.
A holidaymaker died after falling from a hotel balcony.
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Fast 3000 Menschen starben bei den Anschlägen vom 11. September.
Nearly 3000 people died during the September 11 attacks.
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Er starb 1989 an AIDS.
He died of AIDS in 1989.
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