German Word: planen
English Meaning: to plan

Word Forms: geplant, geplante, geplantem, geplanten, geplanter, geplantes, plan, plane, planend, planende, planendes, planest, planet, planst, plant, plante, planten, plantest, plantet

Example Sentences:

Kim Jong-Il plant, das Hungerproblem in Nordkorea zu lösen, indem er riesige Kaninchen züchten lässt.
Kim Jong-Il plans to solve hunger in North Korea by breeding giant rabbits.
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Die Regierung plant Lehrern mehr Freiraum hinsichtlich der Lehrpläne zu geben.
The government plans greater freedom for teachers over the curriculum.
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Hast du schon deinen Urlaub geplant?
Have you planned your holidays yet?
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Ich bin spontan, aber meine Frau plant gerne alles.
I'm spontaneous but my wife likes to plan everything.
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