German Word: alle
English Meaning: 1. everybody, everyone 2. all 3. every
Spanish Meaning: todo

Word Forms: allen

Example Sentences:

So ein Glück hat er nicht alle Tage.
He isn't so lucky every day.
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Die Bomben detonierten alle zum gleichen Zeitpunkt.
The bombs all detonated at the same time.
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"Im Dorf reden alle über dich." "Das ist mir egal!", sagte sie.
"In the village everyone is talking about you." "I don't care!" she said.
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Jetzt zeichnen wir alle einen Kreis.
Now let's all draw a circle.
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Es war gut, dass alle zu dem Treffen erschienen sind.
It was good that everyone was present at the meeting.
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Diese Firma hat Filialen in allen deutschen Großstädten.
This company has branches in all major German cities.
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Der Pottwal kommt in allen Ozeanen der Welt vor.
The sperm whale is distributed across all world's oceans.
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