German Word: krank
English Meaning: sick, ill, diseased
Spanish Meaning: enfermo, enferma
Italian Meaning: malato

Word Forms: kranke, krankem, kranken, kranker, kränker, kränkere, kränkerem, kränkeren, kränkerer, kränkeres, krankes, kränkste, kränkstem, kränksten, kränkster, kränkstes

Example Sentences:

Ich bin sehr krank.
I'm very ill.
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Diese Stiftung kümmert sich um kranke Kinder.
This charity takes care of sick children.
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Ist er krank?
Is he sick?
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Ich bin krank.
I'm sick.
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Ihre kranke Großmutter braucht besondere Pflege.
Their ill grandmother needs special care.
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Sie hat ihre kranke Mutter lange gepflegt.
She cared for her sick mother for a long time.
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