German Word: die Belegschaft
Plural: Belegschaften
English Meaning: staff, personnel, work force

Example Sentences:

Gäste und die Belegschaft mussten das Hotel verlassen als ein Feuer ausbrach.
Guests and staff were forced to leave the hotel when a fire broke out.
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Seit die Aufträge zurückgegangen sind, hat die Firma 50 % der Belegschaft fristlos gefeuert.
Since orders declined, the company has fired 50% of the work force without notice.
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Später am Nachmittag gibt es eine Belegschaftsversammlung.
There's a staff meeting later on this afternoon.
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Related Words:


1. to prove, to substantiate 2. to enrol 3. to put on (e.g. ham on a sandwich), to cover

Here: to enrol

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(suffix indicating a female noun, similar to -ship, -hood)

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