German Word: die ganze Zeit
English Meaning: all the time

Example Sentences:

Ich glaube der Hund unseres Nachbars hat psychische Probleme - er bellt die ganze Zeit!
I think the neighbours' dog has mental health issues - he is barking all the time!
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Dieser Film war furchtbar schlecht. Ich habe mich die ganze Zeit gelangweilt.
This film was awful. I was bored the whole time.
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Sie ist die ganze Zeit gestresst.
She feels stressed all the time.
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Related Words:


1. the (nominative feminine singular) 2. the (accusative feminine singular) 3. the (plural form of definite article) 4. who 5. which 6. these

Here: the (definite female article)

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complete, total, entire

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die Zeit   (Pl: Zeiten)


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