German Word: Ach was!
English Meaning: 1. Nonsense! (rejecting a statement) 2. No shit!, You think?, Of course!

Example Sentences:

"Mein Lehrer glaubt nicht, dass ich die Prüfung bestehen werde." - "Ach was! Natürlich schaffst du das!"
"My teacher doesn't believe that I'll pass the exam." - "Nonsense! Of course you'll pass!"
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"Ein Haus in der Großstadt zu mieten ist ja ganz schön teuer!" - "Ach was!"
"Renting a house in the city is quite expensive!" - "Of course!"
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Related Words:


Oh!, Ah!, Alas!

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1. what 2. which 3. [informal] something (short for etwas)

Here: what

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