French Word: aller
English Meaning: 1. to go 2. to be (to feel)
German Meaning: gehen
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Word Forms: aille, alla, allaient, allais, allait, allé, allée, allés, allez, allons, ira, irai, irais, irait, iras, irons, iront, va, vais, vas, vont

Example Sentences:

Nous y allons souvent.
We often go there.
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Veux-tu aller dans un restaurant chinois ?
Do you want to go to a Chinese restaurant?
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Nous devons y aller dans une minute.
We have to go in one minute.
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Comment vas-tu ? Ça fait longtemps que je ne t'ai pas vu.
How are you? I haven't seen you for a long time.
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Où vas-tu ?
Where are you going?
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Vous croyez qu'il va pleuvoir ?
Do you think it's going to rain?
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Je ne suis jamais allé au Danemark.
I have never been to Denmark.
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