French Word: tout
Feminine: toute
English Meaning: all, entire, any, every, very
German Meaning: alles, ganz, sehr

Word Forms: tous, toutes

Example Sentences:

J'ai tout perdu.
I've lost everything.
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Vous y trouverez toutes sortes d'objets.
You will find all kinds of objects there.
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Il faut boire de l'eau tous les jours.
You must drink water every day.
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Toutes ses réponses étaient justes.
All his answers were right.
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Il a travaillé durant toute sa vie.
He worked his whole life.
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Sa fête d'anniversaire a duré toute la journée.
His birthday party lasted for an entire day.
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On ne pourra jamais tout connaître.
We will never know everything.
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