French Word: jeune
Plural: jeunes
English Meaning: young
German Meaning: jung
Spanish Meaning: joven
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Example Sentences:

Le jeune homme a rendu hommage à sa mère.
The young man paid tribute to his mother.
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Cet enfant est très jeune.
This child is very young.
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Cette jeune femme a acheté un joli cardigan.
This young woman bought a beautiful cardigan.
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La jeune femme doit acheter une voiture.
The young woman must buy a car.
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La jeune fille marchait le long d'une route déserte quand elle entendit soudain un cri.
The young girl was walking along a deserted road when she suddenly heard a scream.
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Ce livre parle d'un jeune sorcier.
This book is about a young wizard.
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Je pense qu'elle est trop jeune pour se marier.
I think she is too young for marriage.
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