French Word: mère f.
English Meaning: mother
German Meaning: Mutter
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Example Sentences:

Sa mère est une artiste.
Her mother is an artist.
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Sa mère lui a offert un cheval pour son anniversaire.
Her mother bought her a horse for her birthday.
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Ma mère mange du poisson tous les deux jours.
My mother has fish every other day.
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Le jeune homme a rendu hommage à sa mère.
The young man paid tribute to his mother.
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Sa mère aime les aquarelles.
Her mother likes watercolour paintings.
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Ma mère est très bonne en histoire de l'art.
My mother is very good at history of art.
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Ma mère souffre d'asthme depuis des années.
My mother has suffered from asthma for years.
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