French Word: deux
English Meaning: two, 2
German Meaning: zwei
Spanish Meaning: dos
Italian Meaning: due

Word Forms: 2

Example Sentences:

Ils ont deux enfants.
They have 2 children.
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J'étudie le français depuis deux ans.
I have been learning French for 2 years.
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J'ai un frère et deux sœurs.
I have one brother and two sisters.
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Ils sont allés en Corée du Sud il y a deux ans.
They traveled to South Korea two years ago.
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Nous avons visité le Portugal il y a deux ans.
We visited Portugal two years ago.
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Ce château a été construit il y a deux siècles.
This castle was built two centuries ago.
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Il cherche ses lunettes depuis deux heures.
He has been looking for his glasses for two hours.
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