French Word: il y a
English Meaning: 1. there is, there are 2. ago
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Example Sentences:

Il y a de moins en moins d'aigles dans les Alpes.
There are fewer and fewer eagles in the Alps.
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Ils sont allés en Corée du Sud il y a deux ans.
They traveled to South Korea two years ago.
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Regarde, je crois qu'il y a un ver dans cette pomme.
Look, I think there is a worm in this apple.
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Il y a beaucoup de vent aujourd'hui.
There's a lot of wind today.
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Il y a beaucoup de monde sur la place.
There are a lot of people in the square.
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Il y a environ vingt personnes.
There are about twenty people.
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Il y a huit verres sur cette table.
There are eight glasses on this table.
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Related Words:


1. he 2. it

Here: it

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there, on it, in it

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1. to have 2. to own

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