French Word: l'
English Meaning: 1. the (used before a vowel) 2. him, her, it (as a direct object)
German Meaning: der, die, das

Example Sentences:

Où se trouve l'hôtel le plus proche ?
Where is the nearest hotel?
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Puis-je avoir l'addition s'il vous plaît ?
Could I have the bill please.
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L'amour rend aveugle.
Love is blind.
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L'Espagne a un roi.
Spain has a king.
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Berlin est la capitale de l'Allemagne.
Berlin is the capital of Germany.
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Il ne va pas à l'école le mercredi.
He does not go to school on Wednesday.
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C'est l'un des moteurs de recherche les plus connus.
It is one of the best known search engines.
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