French Word: personne f.
Plural: personnes
English Meaning: 1. person 2. nobody
German Meaning: Person
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Example Sentences:

Il n'y a que les personnes âgées qui continuent de porter des maillots de corps.
Only old people still wear undershirts.
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Il y a environ vingt personnes.
There are about twenty people.
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Certaines personnes travaillent le dimanche.
Some people work on Sundays.
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Il y a sept personnes dans le jardin.
There are seven people in the garden.
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Il y a quelques personnes dans la rue.
There are some people in the street.
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Il n'y a personne dans cette salle.
There's nobody in this room.
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Beaucoup de personnes disent que la techno n'a aucun rythme.
Many people say that techno has no rhythm.
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