French Word: dire
English Meaning: to say, to tell
German Meaning: sagen, aussprechen, erzählen

Word Forms: dirai, dirais, dirait, dis, disais, disait, disent, disons, dit, dite, dites

Example Sentences:

Dis oui, s'il te plaît.
Please say yes.
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Comment tu dis ça en français?
How do you say that in French?
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Ma grand-mère avait un perroquet qui savait dire bonjour.
My grandmother had a parrot who could say hello.
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Ouvrez la bouche et dites "Aaah".
Open your mouth and say "Aaah".
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Il a dit à sa maîtresse qu'elle ressemblait à un crapaud et il a été puni.
He told his teacher she looked like a toad and was punished.
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Ce que tu dis est faux.
What you're saying is wrong.
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Beaucoup de personnes disent que la techno n'a aucun rythme.
Many people say that techno has no rhythm.
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