French Word: avoir
English Meaning: 1. to have 2. to own
German Meaning: besitzen

Word Forms: a, ai, aie, aient, aies, ait, as, aura, aurai, auraient, aurais, aurait, auras, aurez, aurions, aurons, auront, avaient, avais, avait, avez, aviez, avions, avons, ayant, ayez, eu, eues, eût, eut, ont

Example Sentences:

J'ai quelque chose pour toi.
I've got something for you.
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Ils ont deux enfants.
They have 2 children.
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Tu as faim ?
Are you hungry?
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J'ai tout perdu.
I've lost everything.
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Vous avez internet ?
Do you have Internet access?
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Je n'ai pas le choix.
I don't have a choice.
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Elle m'a promis qu'elle le ferait.
She promised me to do it.
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