French Word: parler
English Meaning: to speak, to talk
German Meaning: reden

Word Forms: parlaient, parlais, parlant, parlé, parle, parlent, parlera, parlerait, parles, parlez

Example Sentences:

Je ne parle pas français.
I don't speak French.
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Sais-tu parler anglais?
Do you speak English?
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À ma connaissance, il ne parle pas l'Allemand.
To my knowledge, he doesn't speak German.
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Nous ne savons pas parler l'allemand.
We can't speak German.
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Je ne sais pas parler le russe.
I can't speak Russian.
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Parle plus clairement, s'il te plaît.
Please speak more clearly.
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C'est très utile de savoir parler l'anglais quand on voyage.
It's very useful to speak English when you travel.
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