French Word: quelque
English Meaning: some, a few
German Meaning: einige
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Example Sentences:

Il y a quelques personnes dans la rue.
There are some people in the street.
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Je crois que je vais rester quelques jours.
I think that I'm going to stay for a few days.
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Veux-tu aller au parc ? Peut-être qu'il y aura de nouveau quelques écureuils.
Do you want to go to the park? Maybe we will see a few squirrels again.
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Seuls quelques collègues ont assisté à la réunion.
Only a few colleagues attended the meeting.
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Elle est enceinte de quelques semaines seulement.
She is only a few weeks pregnant.
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Pourriez-vous recommander quelques plats de ce restaurant ?
Can you recommend some dishes at this restaurant?
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La police lui a posé quelques questions.
The police asked him a few questions.
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