French Word: manger
English Meaning: to eat
German Meaning: essen
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Word Forms: mangé, mange, mangeais, mangées, mangent, mangeons, mangerons, manges

Example Sentences:

Où est-ce que je peux manger un petit casse-croute ?
Where can I have a little snack?
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Il a mangé le gâteau en entier!
He ate the whole cake!
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Ma mère mange du poisson tous les deux jours.
My mother has fish every other day.
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Les Français aiment bien manger des escargots!
The French like eating snails!
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Les enfants doivent manger de la soupe pour grandir.
Children must have soup to grow up.
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Je viens de sortir du restaurant et j'ai beaucoup trop mangé, je suis gavé.
I have just come out of the restaurant and I have eaten way too much, I'm stuffed.
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Elle aime beaucoup manger des glaces.
She loves to eat ice cream.
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