French Word: prendre
English Meaning: 1. to take 2. to have
German Meaning: nehmen
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Word Forms: prenais, prenait, prenant, prenante, prend, prendrai, prendrons, prends, prenez, prennent, prenons, pris

Example Sentences:

Tu dois prendre ces médicaments trois fois par jour.
You have to take this medicine three times a day.
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Combien de temps ça prend ?
How long does it take?
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Il faut prendre le taureau par les cornes.
You have to take the bull by the horns.
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Je n'ai pas encore pris mon petit déjeuner.
I haven't had breakfast yet.
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Quel bus dois-je prendre?
Which bus do I need to take?
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David n'avait bu qu'un petit verre de vin, mais il préféra tout de même prendre un taxi.
David had only had a small glass of wine, but still he preferred to take a taxi.
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Je prends une douche tous les matins.
I take a shower every morning.
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