English Word: yourself
Chinese Translation: 1. 你自己,妳自己 (反身代名詞) 2. 你本人,妳本人,你親自,妳親自

Example Sentences:

Did you pack your luggage yourself?
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The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself. (Bill Gates)
這世界指望你在自我感覺良好之前先要有所成就。(比爾 蓋茲)
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Be careful! Don't injure yourself!
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You should be ashamed of yourself!
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Is talking to yourself the first sign of madness?
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If you want to be successful in life, surround yourself with successful people.
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You can't take yourself too seriously.
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Related Words:



1. 你的,妳的,您的 (所有格) 2. 你們的,妳們的 (所有格)

Here: 1. 你的 (所有格) 2. 你們的 (所有格)

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self   (Pl: selves, Pl 2: selfs)


1. 自身,自己 2. 本質 3. 私心

Here: 自身,自己

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