English Word: have
Chinese Translation: 1. 有,擁有 2. (加過去分詞,構成完成時態) 3. (助動詞,構成疑問句) 4. 吃,喝,食用 5. 體驗,經驗,患 6. 進行,從事 7. 遭受,遭遇

Word Forms: had

Example Sentences:

This is my telephone number, please call me when you have time.
這是我的電話號碼, 有空請打電話給我。
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You shouldn't have too many carbohydrates in your diet.
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May I have that without sauce?
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Have a nice day!
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Where have you been?
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Do you have a girlfriend?
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Have you been to the Maldives?
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