English Word: for
Chinese Translation: 1. 為,為了 2. 因為,由於 3. 當作,作為 4. 達,計 (時間,距離) 5. 對,對於,關於 6. 往,向,朝…方向去 7. 就…而言 8. 以…為代價,以…交換 9. 贊成,支持 10. 給,供

Example Sentences:

Parts of Somalia have not seen any rainfall for two years.
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They hired a clown for her birthday party.
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Today he announced that he is running for President.
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He is a vegetarian, for moral and health reasons.
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What do you want for lunch?
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Fidel Castro ruled Cuba for half a century.
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My love for you is unconditional.
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