English Word: in
Chinese Translation: 1. 在…裡,在…內 2. 用,以 3. 在…方面 4. 從事,參加 5. 朝,向 6. 在…期間 7. 在…以後 8. 處在…中 9. 在…身上,在…上 10. 在家,在屋裡 11. 成,為 12. 已到達,已來臨 13. 已成熟 14. 時髦的,流行的 15. 當政,當選

Example Sentences:

He learns a lot in school.
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There are three hundred and sixty five days in one year.
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The Department of Health has decided to ban junk food TV commercials in the evening.
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You shouldn't have too many carbohydrates in your diet.
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The refugees are living in tents.
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Ten thousand people live in this slum.
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He lost both legs in the war.
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