English Word: many
Spanish Translation: muchos

Example Sentences:

There are many tourists.
Hay muchos turistas.
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This is the new commercial area. There are so many shops being opened!
Esta es la nueva zona comercial. ¡Están abriendo tantas tiendas!
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When they were younger, they won many awards.
Cuando ellos eran más jóvenes, ganaron muchos premios.
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Usually you can see many storks on the beach looking for food.
Normalmente puedes ver muchas cigüeñas en la playa buscando comida.
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Learning Spanish has many benefits: you can travel to many places in the world and communicate with people.
Aprender español tiene muchos beneficios: puedes viajar a muchos lugares en el mundo y comunicarte con la gente.
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There were many people on the road because somebody said that they had seen a bear in the river.
Había mucha gente en la carretera porque alguien decía haber visto un oso en el río.
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Many people have lost their jobs due to the financial crisis.
Muchas personas han perdido su empleo por la crisis financiera.
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