English Word: and
Spanish Translation: y

Example Sentences:

I speak English and French.
Hablo Inglés y Francés.
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The ashtray is between the armchair and the lamp.
El cenicero está entre el sillón y la lámpara.
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Maria has finished high school and wants to go to the university.
María ha acabado la secundaria y quiere ir a la universidad.
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I'm Henar, and you?
Me llamo Henar, ¿y tú?
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In the year 2004, the trade between Canada and Venezuela reached 479 million dollars.
En el 2004, el comercio entre Canadá y Venezuela alcanzó 479 millones de dólares.
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I would love to live in Australia and to have a kangaroo.
Me encantaría vivir en Australia y tener un canguro.
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China and Spain agreed to strengthen their relationships.
China y España acordaron fortalecer sus relaciones.
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