English Word: change
Present Participle: changing
Simple Past: changed
Spanish Translation: 1. cambio 2. cambiar

Word Forms: changed, changing

Example Sentences:

There are changes in public opinion.
Hay cambios en la opinión pública.
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Roberto has changed the bike's chain.
Roberto ha cambiado la cadena de la bicicleta.
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The climate change is threatening the survival of the polar bear.
El cambio climático amenaza la supervivencia del oso polar.
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Can we change the topic please?
¿Podemos cambiar de tema, por favor?
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The chameleon can change colour according to its surroundings.
El camaleón cambia de color dependiendo de su entorno.
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Please inform us if you change your address.
Por favor, infórmenos si cambia de dirección.
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You have to change your habits!
Tienes que cambiar tus hábitos.
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