English Word: pass
Spanish Translation: 1. pase 2. abono 3. pasar 4. transcurrir 5. rebasar 6. superar

Word Forms: passes

Example Sentences:

Parliament has passed the law.
El Parlamento ha aprobado la ley.
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They waited for the storm to pass.
Esperaron a que pasara la tormenta.
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You must answer all the questions to pass your exam.
Tienes que responder a todas las preguntas para aprobar el examen.
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If you pass your exam, you will obtain the driver's license.
Si apruebas tu examen, obtendrás la licencia de conducir.
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I'm sure that you will pass your exam.
Estoy seguro de que pasarás tu examen.
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It's about learning, not just passing.
Se trata de aprender, no solo de aprobar.
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I'm certain that he will pass the test.
Estoy seguro de que aprobará el examen.
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