English Word: eat
Spanish Translation: comer

Word Forms: ate, eaten, eating

Example Sentences:

Today we will eat fish instead of meat.
Hoy, vamos a comer pescado en lugar de carne.
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He usually reads the paper while he eats.
El acostumbra a leer el periódico mientras come.
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Thomas normally eats a piece of fruit in his break.
Tomás normalmente come una fruta en su descanso.
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María is eating an apple.
María se está comiendo una manzana.
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The mouse ate the cheese.
El ratón se comió el queso.
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Toads eat at night and hide during the day.
Los sapos se alimentan en la noche y se esconden durante el día.
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Sturgeons don't enjoy eating caviar at all.
A los esturiones no les gusta nada comer caviar.
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