English Word: yesterday
Spanish Translation: ayer

Example Sentences:

Yesterday I booked a double room in a hotel.
Ayer reservé una habitación doble en un hotel.
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Did you see my sister yesterday?
¿Viste a mi hermana ayer?
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Yesterday, I received the letter.
Recibí la carta ayer.
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Did you call me yesterday to arrange an interview?
¿Me llamó usted para concertar una entrevista ayer?
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The London Stock Exchange went up yesterday.
La Bolsa londinense subió ayer.
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The royal family returned yesterday from its holidays on the island of Lanzarote.
La familia real volvió ayer de sus vacaciones en la isla de Lanzarote.
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Yesterday I had a nightmare about an evil clown.
Ayer tuve una pesadilla con un payaso diabólico.
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