English Word: have to
Spanish Translation: tener que

Example Sentences:

You have to take the first street on the right.
Tienes que coger la primera calle a la derecha.
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Thank God I don't have to wear a tie at the office.
Menos mal que no tengo que llevar corbata en la oficina.
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The train leaves in ten minutes so we have to run!
El tren sale en 10 minutos así que tenemos que correr!
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We have to put the fire out before we leave the park.
Tenemos que apagar el fuego antes de salir del parque.
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Javier, you have to get that job!
¡Javier, tienes que lograr ese empleo!
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I have to go to the dentist! A filling fell out.
¡Tengo que ir al dentista! Se me ha caído un empaste.
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You have to repeat another school year? What lousy performance!
¿Tienes que volver a repetir curso? ¡Lo has hecho fatal!
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