English Word: drink
Spanish Translation: 1. bebida, trago 2. tomar, beber

Example Sentences:

I don't have time to drink a coffee.
No tengo tiempo para tomar un café.
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What would you like to drink?
¿Qué te gustaría beber?
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It is better to drink white wine with fish instead of a red one.
Es mejor beber vino blanco con el pescado en lugar del tinto.
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To cheer her up we went out to have a drink.
Para levantarle el ánimo salimos a tomar una copa.
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She drinks at least two cups of coffee per day.
Se bebe al menos 2 tazas de café al día.
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During this heat it's important to drink a lot of water.
Con este calor es importante beber mucha agua.
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Pregnant women should not drink alcohol.
Las mujeres embarazadas no deberían beber alcohol.
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