English Word: have
Spanish Translation: 1. tener 2. tomar

Word Forms: had, having

Example Sentences:

Up to this day we haven't had any news of her.
Hasta este día no hemos tenido noticias de ella.
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I have left my mobile phone in the office.
He dejado mi teléfono móvil en la oficina.
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I only have ten Euros.
Sólo tengo diez euros.
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I just realised I don't have any money.
Me acabo de dar cuenta de que no tengo dinero.
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When I got to my car I saw I had been given a ticket.
Cuando llegué al coche vi que me habían dado una multa.
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I don't have time to drink a coffee.
No tengo tiempo para tomar un café.
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We have to put gas in the car.
Hay que poner gasolina al coche.
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