English Word: write
Spanish Translation: escribir

Word Forms: written, wrote

Example Sentences:

How do you write that?
¿Cómo se escribe eso?
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The text is written in code so as not to be discovered.
El texto está escrito en clave para que no sean descubiertos.
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The pupils have written a text about their holidays.
Los escolares han escrito un texto sobre sus vacaciones.
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Look, my boyfriend wrote a poem for me!
¡Mira, mi novio me ha escrito un poema!
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Chinese can be written vertically or horizontally.
El chino se puede escribir en vertical o en horizontal.
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He has already written several chapters of his new book.
Ya ha escrito varios capítulos de su nuevo libro.
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This marketing expert writes a blog entry every day.
Este experto en marketing escribe una entrada de blog al día.
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